The Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning in Reseda, CA

Rodents in the HVAC system are a huge health risk. Their droppings and urine are an excellent source of illnesses, including the deadly hantavirus. Cotton rats, deer mice, and white-footed mice can carry the disease. Some rodents even carry plague. And the rodents themselves can spread fleas and other germs into your home. If you don’t know what to do about this problem, read on to learn how you can protect yourself.



To begin the ac duct cleaning process, the first step is to remove all the dust and debris from the duct system. Often, this debris is the result of construction debris or a person using the duct as a dustpan. This debris can be difficult to remove using a vacuum. Thankfully, there are specialized devices that can assist in this process. Below are a few tips to help you ensure a clean duct system.

If you’re concerned about your home’s air quality, dust removal during air duct cleaning is essential to improving your indoor air quality. Most household dust contains harmful particles such as pollen, mold and mildew. Other contaminants can come from pets and old cooking smells. Additionally, dust in your ducts can cause a musty smell. Thankfully, you can avoid these unpleasant smells with an air duct cleaning from a reputable company.



Many air ducts don’t receive regular cleaning, and so environmental fungi and viruses can thrive and spread throughout the home. While bacteria and viruses will die before they infect you, other fungi and viruses can circulate throughout the home. Having the ducts cleaned is an effective way to minimize these risks, and many homeowners opt for it. Here’s what you need to know about micro-organisms in air duct cleaning.

When your air duct cleaning service provider performs a thorough air duct cleaning, they may suggest using a chemical biocide to kill bacteria and fungi and prevent future biological growth. In addition to chemical biocides, some service providers may use ozone, a highly reactive gas that is regulated in outdoor air as a lung irritant. There is some debate over the need to use biocides, and some health practitioners are unsure about the safety of ozone.


Construction debris

After building a new home, the dust and debris from drywall and sawdust can end up in the supply and return air ducts. If you’re not a fan of the smell, stale air, and unusual dustiness, it might be time to consider getting your air ducts cleaned. Air duct cleaning can resolve these problems and help you breathe easier. Here are some of the benefits of getting your air ducts cleaned by a professional.


Construction work is a messy business. Contractors must cover up work areas, and dust will always find its way into the air ducts. HVAC systems should be shut off during construction, but debris from building materials will suck them into the ductwork. You should thoroughly clean air ducts after renovations are complete. It’s a good idea to schedule an air duct video inspection, too, to get a better understanding of what needs to be done.



If you have a central heating and air conditioning system in your home, you probably have some mold in your ducts. The spores of mold in this environment can travel throughout the entire home. When these spores are disturbed, they start floating and spread to all rooms connected to your HVAC system. Mold removal is crucial to preventing the growth of mold in your home and restoring your home’s air quality.

When it comes to mold removal, you can try DIY solutions such as 1 part bleach to 16 parts water. This can work wonders if the mold is only on non-porous surfaces, but you should be careful about this, as using the wrong cleaning agent can cause mold to fester. Professional mold removal is best left to professionals who have the necessary equipment to clean mold properly. Mold removal in air ducts is a time-consuming and risky job, so it is best to leave it to experts.


Carbon filtration

Carbon filters use adsorption to remove airborne pollutants. Adsorption occurs when the particles stick to the surface of carbon. Absorption, on the other hand, occurs when the pollutants are trapped inside the carbon structure. Both methods are effective when cleaning air ducts, but absorption works best for liquids and gases. Carbon filters use a combination of adsorption and absorption. Adsorption reduces the amount of dust and other particles in the air while absorption is best for gases and liquids.

Activated carbon is created by heating the carbon to between 400 and 900 degrees celsius. The carbon is then subjected to post-treatment processes to finalize its form. It’s then produced into a specific shape and size. For air filters, this is known as granular carbon. Granular carbon contains tiny carbon particles that fit into the pores of a standard air filter. This type of carbon filter is often paired with an inline duct fan.


EPA study

There has been much debate over whether air duct cleaning is really necessary. Some experts advise duct cleaning in severe cases when people’s indoor air quality is in poor condition. Others suggest periodic duct cleaning as a way to improve the quality of air in a home. Regardless of your personal opinions, there are many benefits of air duct cleaning. In this article, we’ll review some of these benefits.

The EPA study found that a small amount of household dust is harmless. While it’s true that the amount of dust isn’t dangerous in small amounts, stirring it up can lead to bigger problems. In addition to the health benefits of air duct cleaning, some people also report that they’re able to breathe better when the ducts are clean. This may sound like a waste of time, but it’s important to remember that not all ducts are created equal.


Stanley Steemer method

The Stanley Steemer method of air duct cleaning utilizes a HEPA-filtered vacuum to remove all traces of dirt and dust from air ducts. This method is recommended every three to five years, and is a cut above the rest. With a trained technician and superior equipment, the Stanley Steemer method is the way to go. It promises a superior cleaning service, and provides the peace of mind you deserve.

With this method, your dryer’s vents are cleaned, preventing harmful lint from entering your house. Professionally cleaned dryer vents can improve energy efficiency and save you money while preventing a dryer fire. These technicians also clean dirty supply and return vent covers. A Stanley Steemer technician will also help you improve the airflow, temperature, and dust in your home. And if you have ever had a cough or cold, you know how unpleasant it can be when you’re breathing in the dander and dust in the air.


Chemical biocide

If you are considering using a chemical biocide to clean your air ducts, make sure you know the risks involved before using the product. Unlike many cleaning products, biocide is a potentially harmful substance and should only be used on ducts that are uninsulated. Additionally, biocide is not safe for ducts with fiberglass lining. In order to avoid any potential health risks, it is important to follow the instructions on the product label carefully.

Some air duct cleaning service providers may use a chemical biocide, which will kill bacteria and fungi while also preventing future growth. However, biocides contain strong chemicals that can be harmful to the human body. For this reason, occupants should remain away from the ducts during the air duct cleaning process. Some air duct cleaning companies even recommend using ozone, which is a highly reactive gas that is regulated in outside air as a lung irritant. Although chemical biocides have many benefits, they are not suitable for all applications.



The price of air duct cleaning will vary depending on several factors, including the size of the home, ductwork and HVAC system, the contamination level, the accessibility of vents and other features. Generally, air duct cleaning is an inexpensive way to improve your indoor air quality, but a specialized service can cost as much as $1,000 or more. Custom ductwork, such as those in large buildings, is more expensive than standard ductwork, so you should ask the company for a quote.

Another factor that affects the cost of air duct cleaning is whether or not there are rodents present in your ductwork. The presence of rodents in your ducts will increase the cost of air duct cleaning. If you notice signs of rodent infestation, you’ll need to call in an exterminator before the cleaning. Additionally, you may need to make other repairs to your home before hiring a professional to clean your ductwork.