If the World Had No Alphabet

Individuals have most likely lived on the earth around 2 million years. In any case, the narrative of world history started something like a long time back with the creation of letters in order. From that point forward, mankind’s set of experiences’ book go to another page.

The historical backdrop of the letter set began in old Egypt around 3,500 B.C. Most letter set letters started as a worked on variant of old drawings of creatures, items, or signs. Be that as it may, sign and picture composing was excessively delayed for the business world so individuals fostered a letters in order in which just images were utilized. Every image addressed one sound, and a few were joined to utter the hints of single word. The letters in order was culminated by the Romans in around 114 A.D with 26 letters which presently are known as the Roman letter set or the Latin letter set.

These days, letters in order is utilized from one side of the planet to the other. There are more than ¾ of the world’s dialects use letter set, and around 60% of the total populace communicates in dialects that have a composed letters in order. It’s critical to compose and peruse for the human culture to impart and find out about history. Until the creation of composing, the main way people needed to impart was eye to eye. This kept data from having the option to be imparted to any kind of wide spread. In view of letter set, individuals fostered the composing framework which could assist with saving human information in  abc kids a thing called “book”. Because of book, individuals could peruse and find out about the world and shape up the schooling system like today. In this way, book is one of the best worth fortune on the planet. Letter set likewise has a significant impact to dealers and vendors in tracking their business.

Have you at any point envisioned what this present reality could be in the event that old individuals hadn’t designed the letter set? I wouldn’t even play with the possibility of mulling over everything except it should be such the most terrible of just horrible. Without the letters in order, humankind couldn’t have ever progressed to the levels we have today. On the off chance that letter set hadn’t been designed, book couldn’t have ever showed up and thus individuals would be uninformed and life would exhaust. You wouldn’t have very much familiarity with history, the human information could never have been saved and you additionally wouldn’t have the option to peruse my paper. We would be extremist and shallow. Our creative mind would be restricted. There would be no paper, no print machine, no TV, no Galileo Galilei, no William Shakespeare, no Charles Darwin, no Albert Einstein,… Rather than that, resistance would be low and the world would have been annihilated by war and brutal. As I would see it, it would be a seriously hopeless existence where nobody can peruse, compose, or think openly. Frankly, on the off chance that letter set hadn’t existed, there would be a better approach for imparting thoughts.